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Lavender is a princess kept away from the world in her manor, whose only contact with the outside world is through her servants. Learning more about the war her father continues to support, she desires the political power needed to oppose him. For that, she searches out her older sisters.

Felicia is a young man who avoided conscription by living as a woman for most of his life. He is left feeling neither gender suits him well, and wears either garb as the situation fits. He harbors a grudge against the crown for destroying his family, and joins the Rose Party–a revolutionary group who is interested in Princess Lavender and her sisters.

Lavender and Felicia meet at a crossroads in each of their lives, and navigate towards their goals together through the outside world.


Lavender Legend is a webcomic with its first roots dating back to 2008 as single-strip gag comics on oekaki boards. Self-publishing started in 2010 and reached a height in 2013. Since then the comic has experienced some financial setbacks, coming to a halt in 2015. In 2017 it resumes.

New Version

The current edition of Lavender Legend is not a reboot or starting over at the beginning, it is about fixing major continuity errors and mistakes before continuation. Most the scenes will remain untouched, while some will have dialogue changed only, and very few will have edited artwork. There will be some new scenes and some deleted scenes. This process is scheduled to complete over the next year, before 2018.