There or almost there, depending on what you count as a page.

The pages are sorted in my folders by page number.  After I draft the pages, I may delete or add an additional page, which results in it having a name like 298-B.  I eventually want to go back and rename everything according to chapter and page, but it is 300+ pages to edit and may take some time.   

Including all four chapter title inserts, it is currently at page 302.  Sorry that’s so confusing, haha.

Another news bit; I’m trying to get the print and digital download editions for sale through IndyPlanet.  Right now, the print books are available but I’m waiting for the digital download option to show up.

The Member’s Area now has all the current pages up in high definition, and so the next step will be to start working on advance reading.  Basically my plan is to start uploading the month’s pages in one big batch to the member’s site.  I’d really love to do 10 pages a month, but I know I have a habit of over-burdening myself, so I’ll have to get a few other projects cleared first before I try to do that.

But anyway yeah, please check out these two avenues of supporting Lavender Legend, or if you want to just use the paypal thing and donate, I definitely appreciate that as well.