Another non-comic update for those who are keeping up.

Thanks to commissions, I was able to meet the impending end-of-the-month expenses, so that was great.  But, to cut down on costs, we are canceling our internet service and everything related (Netflix and what have you) for a few months.  That doesn’t mean I’ll be MIA, because there is a convenient cafe across the street that I can visit once a day to upload pages and stuff.  You’ll just see less of me posting things online (tumblr, facebook, etc.).   Hopefully with the saved money plus taking on some additional clients, I’ll be able to ship out the remaining Kickstarter packages and pay down some of my debts.  The down side to that being that I have a ton of commissions to do now, so I’m definitely not able to jump back in with 3x weekly updates or anything.  But at least once a week, that’s what I’m going to try to stick to, starting most likely on November 11th.

This week, we’re moving again hopefully for the last time for a while.  Part of the reason we’re so far in the hole  is that the electric bill at our current place was sky-high all summer because of inefficient cooling.  And in Tucson, it’s not really an option to go without AC during summer months.  Thankfully the temperature has gone down, and it’s actually kind of pleasant outside lately.  I can turn the AC off and my computer doesn’t overheat, so that’s good.

Anyway, I can’t wait to get back to this comic and hope to do so as soon as possible.