My fellow Filthy Figments contributor Tessa and I are going to start a weekly podcast show in which we’ll talk about the process of making webcomics, and demonstrate some techniques for you live on LiveStream. The first episode is going to start Monday at 9 PM Central time at this link; however you won’t find much there right now, since it will be our first broadcast. Please bookmark it and tune in when we go live. Of course, I’ll post a reminder of it when it comes the time. If you can’t make it, we’ll upload the recording for you to check out at your convenience.

The first topic will be the rule of heads, and how to properly apply the concept to your drawings. The reason I chose to talk about this subject is that there is a lot of misteaching and misconception about this “rule” which causes beginners to reject the idea completely.

Of course, it won’t all be serious business since me and Tessa will be joking around the whole time. That’s why the show is rated NC-17, for all the f-bombs and crass humor we’ll probably end up making. We’ll also answer your questions and have an off-topic segment of the show, if enough people show up for it.

Can’t wait!