The Kickstarter has already blown through several goals I had set up to complete various stages of the print edition project.

The initial $300 was to get Ch. 3 printed. At $600, there was enough to have the book printed with color extras. At $1200; I have enough to print all three books at the new printers, with heavier paper and so on.

The next and last goal now is to reach $1500, when I’ll be able to produce the Lavender Legend art and materials book as well. And everyone who contributes, regardless of their pledge amount, will receive a digital pdf version of the book for free when it comes out, roughly around October.

Here’s what contributors have earned so far, in addition to their individual rewards:

  • A new digital wallpaper
  • A double-sided gloss bookmark
  • An exclusive art print

So at this point, everyone who contributes will receive those things in addition to their rewards.

There are still no takers on the “name this character” reward for $100, which includes the three books.


x3 updates per week for 3 months.
At the 1k goal, I promised to update the comic three times a week for three months. How is that going to work, you wonder?

It will go into effect April 1st. That will give me a modest amount of time to finish my current projects and prepare some buffer pages. If I do end up missing a page due to illness, becoming overburdened at a convention, or any of these things that tend to happen to me pretty often; then the 3x a week schedule will be extended an extra week to make up for it.

Thanks everyone! It’s been a wonderful surprise to see so much support.