Hey guys.  So, I finished compiling book 3 for print, and I have sent it off to the printers.  I ordered about 10 copies.  I am not yet offering this online, and here’s why.
The print shop I currently go to is really slow and overpriced.  I make no profit on the books at this price.  So, I’m thinking about ordering from another place.  When I do that, I may have a different edition of the book ready with more bonus stuff in it for you internet readers.  So, I printed just enough copies for the convention I am attending in February, so that those people who only read the print version (there’s just a few of them) can get the book without having to wait until next year when I  do that particular convention again.

I’ll have pre-orders for the new and improved version of this book available when it is ready.  Maybe with a bonus comic, even.