What’s the money for?

The money will go towards having an Artist Alley table at Megacon 2013 in Orlando, FL.  Megacon is the first convention I ever did back in 2010, and it’s one of my staple conventions.  This year I have moved all the way out to Arizona, so the trip will be much more costly than in previous years.  This $200 only goes towards the cost of the table itself.  I’m not asking for airfare and/or lodging expenses at this time.

What are the rewards?

This time around, I’m under too much pressure from regular deadlines to offer custom commissions, so I am offering a variety of merchandise as rewards.

$5: Sticker Set

The sticker set described is a set of four.  It includes these four designs:

Chibi Lavender and Felicia


$10: Charm
The charms described are these:

Although the necklaces are shown here, you can also get either design as a keychain upon request.

$20: 8×10 Metallic Print
This print is shiny on metallic, and you also get the stickers with it.


$50 12×18 LE Metallic Print
Back for a limited time is the 18×20 metallic print.  Only 20 copies exist.  Of those, 14 unites remain for sale.  It is only available during special promotions like this.

$75 Original Ink
Chapter 1 and a small part of Chapter 2 were hand-drawn, and original inks exist.  The are unique and one-of-a-kind pieces of the comic itself. With an original ink, you also get the sticker set and a charm necklace or keychain of your choice.

All items still at their original prices in-store

You can still buy items at their original prices at For The Cute if you’d like a charm or print without the additional donation amount.